There’s no speed limit

It takes two to tango
There are a few takeaways,
  • A great teacher can permanently change one’s life
  • “standard pace is for chumps”
It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking about Derek’s “luck” of meeting Kimo while neglecting the other equally important aspect of this great relationship.
Recently I heard him tell the story from his perspective. He said, “My doorbell rang at 8:59 one morning and I had no idea why. I run across kids all the time who say they want to be a great musician. I tell them I can help, and tell them to show up at my studio at 9:00 if they’re serious. Nobody ever does. It’s how I weed out the really serious ones from the kids who just talk. But there was Derek, ready to go.”
Regardless of what the speed limit is, you’ll need a fast engine first.