Vite <3 React
Vite <3 React

Vite <3 React

Vite & React starter kits
Published December 13, 2022
Vite, known for its instant dev server start & fast HMR for incremental updates, has completely reshaped the frontend bundlers’ (e.g. webpack) dev experience. What’s better is that it offers first-class support for all mainstream UI frameworks including React, but what if we want more features like
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as a built-in to get started building features right away rather than wasting time on getting things setup again and again? I created a few templates 👇 for this reason.

Use Cases

Build Apps

Full-fledged version
lxy-yzUpdated Jan 22, 2023
Light-weight version
lxy-yzUpdated Feb 1, 2023

Build Component Library

lxy-yzUpdated May 3, 2023
Hope it helps. Happy hacking 🥂