Waking up membership

Decision Making
Published November 30, 2022
Imagine you need to make a selection from the choices below to get a membership access to a popular meditation app, which one would you pick?
  1. The 7-day free trial path
  1. The 30-day free referral path
  1. The 1-year free subscription path
The answer seems a no brainer. However, in a real world, we are more often faced with the question like “I want to practice meditation and I’ve heard that some App with paid subscription may help with that, which App should I choose?” instead. What would you choose then?
I can’t speak for others, but I can learn from my past self.
  • When I value the price, I’d choose whatever App that’s free, everything else comes the second. After all, who doesn’t like something that’s free? (free food, free speech, free open software …)
  • When I value the practice, I’d choose whatever App that’s available to me to get started, everything else comes the second. After all, every minute wasted on deciding which app to choose is the time you can spend on doing the practice.
  • When I value the product, I’d choose the App that offers the best service, everything else comes the second. After all, who doesn’t want their needs to be served well?
Back to the original question, though it doesn’t appear often in today’s world dominated by all sorts of ads, it’s something that I’m facing at the moment as I want to try the app to learn more about meditation. Given the options available, it’s not hard to decide which path to go. But the prerequisite is that you’ve got enough information in a reasonable timeframe, and that itself is usually the tricky part for any kind of decision making unfortunately.