Why I don't read news

Why I don't read news

What’s new isn’t what’s good or right
Published June 25, 2022
The world of news is noisy, because they have to hype it. They try to get you to pay attention to something that’s not actually important. They create a false sense of urgency, social status, fear, shock, or any tricks possible to manipulate your psychological triggers, and ultimately help them profit. - How to Live, Derek Sivers
In news, you will typically see something like
notion image
And I know what you are going to think about it, because I am thinking in the same way. But quite often, it is at most half of the story, while the other half left out by the media could be like
notion image
And it is part of human nature to
Jump into conclusions
, so the news will always win.
The thought is derived from an occasional conversation about current inflations with a Mexican wall painter who taught me about what bad days used to look like.