The complacency prison
The complacency prison

The complacency prison

Why growth is stagnated?
But I always want it to be a project that, if successful, will make the rest of my career look like a footnote
There’s nothing inherently wrong with seeking comfort, as human behavior follows the law of least resistance.
Living in the richest country of the world only makes it seem more natural. It’s tempting to live a cushy lifestyle that feels good.
Want to eat healthy? A WholeFood store is just around the corner.
Aspire to look fit? Personal trainers are readily available.
Look for disconnect and recharge? Go for a sabbatical in Hawaii.
People in the U.S. are blessed with a world of abundance.
However, the same blessing can also sow the seeds of complacency.
Some colleagues of mine, despite having the resources and talent, have remained in the same position for many years or decades, comfortable yet unfulfilled.
If I were honest to myself, I find that -
While most conversations are polite, sometimes they feel a bit artificial.
While most urban sceneries look spectacular, sometimes they feel a bit mundane.
While most gourmets taste delicious, sometimes they feel a bit unnatural.
That’s a modern life so civilized that it leaves little room for complaints. Yet, paradoxically, this 'good enough' life seems to be a barrier to achieving anything meaningfully great.
It's as though the absence of greatness diminishes the value of all the surrounding goodness, casting a shadow over its meaning.
Good but not great, hence not so good.
If success comes easily in all your endeavors, perhaps it’s a good time to reassess your goals.