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Little about me

My name is Allen. This blog is where I record my learnings and share them to the public.
Creating things make me happy. I also enjoy reading, meditating and playing sports. I worked for Zillow Rentals (US) and Amazon Web Service (Canada) as a software engineer focusing on the front-end.
I was born in China and aiming to be a world citizen. I’ve lived abroad (>1 year) in Germany, Canada and the US. I moved a lot last few years, thus I own very little things. Recently, I left the US to explore what’s worth doing.
In addition to above, I assume I’mΒ below average,Β not original,Β everything is my fault . I know I’m irrational,Β know nothing. I aim toΒ be useful, lose every fight,Β love being wrong.

Contact me

Please don’t hesitate to drop me an πŸ“§ if anything I can help with.

What I’ve written about

Life lessons I consider useful
Lessons learned from software development
Personal takes on web/front-end development

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