Why I leave the US

Why I leave the US

Decision Making
Narratives I use for leaping into unknown
Published December 20, 2023
There’re numerous factors I’ve considered when making the decision, to name a few:
However, over-scrutinizing isn’t helpful. We can only uncover our genuine wants by deconstructing plausible narratives.
Ultimately, I find it boils down to: staying here isn’t going to help me figure out what I really want to do with my life.
For me, the concept of a visa or green card is a distraction disguised as an option, not to mention the prevailing tech and AI bubble. Action, not contemplation, is the antidote to my dilemma. Therefore, cultivating an environment conducive to action, often found where option is limited, is crucial.
Life is akin to riding a bicycle: to maintain balance, one must keep moving.